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Material Samplers

Nortech’s parent company has been in the mining and crushing business for over 35 years and understands the importance of getting an accurate rock sample.

Years ago we developed this tool and have found it to be an excellent addition to any crushing operation required to be in spec.

Operation is very simple, by pushing the control buttons the furnished sample tray is moved across the material stream. A single pass normally gathers about a 30 pound sample; If more is needed just add additional passes.

We offer it in two configurations:

  1. First as a complete Conveyor with Material Sampler Assembly: this includes a 42”x 30’ conveyor with adjustable legs on both ends and switch gear. The Material Sampler is attached and all that is required is to supply power and you are ready to sample.

  2. The second option is just to buy the Material Sampler retro-fit kit. This includes the complete Material Sampler Assembly with switch gear but no conveyor and legs. This version makes the end user responsible for mounting onto his conveyor.